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We are a leading Company Secretarial and Governance consultancy firm, encompassing only the best qualified and highly experienced talent in the industry. Our clients appreciate our highly personalised approach, professionalism, and accessibility.

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Company Secretarial

Our Company Secretarial Consultancy offers an holistic, integrated approach to compliance, governance and company secretarial services.

Our services cater to the entire spectrum of the South African corporate community, including larger JSE-listed companies, small to medium size private companies, international companies, and non-profit organisations.

Appoint our professional company secretarial consultancy to provide the insights, skills and expertise for you to fulfil your duties and legal obligations as an executive. Services include attending to preparation of annual board and committee meeting management, minute taking, matters arising and corporate governance advice.


The way your company is governed by its executive management and board is an important balancing act between interests of various stakeholders, which include management, shareholders, customers, suppliers, financiers, the community in which you operate, and government.

Our Consultancy will provide compliance with all business-applicable aspects of international best practice, as incorporated in the King IV Report on Corporate Governance as well as ensuring compliance with best practice and implementation of the recommendations of the Code of Corporate Practices and Conduct.

Legal, Compliance, risk & ethics

All organisations must adhere to several ongoing legal, compliance, risk and ethical requirements. There are various current, upcoming and existing compliance requirements that each organisation needs to adhere to.

Appoint our Company Secretary Consultancy to constantly guide, advise and steer your organisation in the right direction by providing prompt and enduring expert services to the board and executives regarding regulatory, legal, compliance, risk, ethics and governance support.

Legal Advice

Legal advice is either written or oral about any legal matter that would affect the rights and responsibilities of the person receiving the advice. Professional legal advice requires careful analysis of the law as it applies uniquely to an organization’s specific situation.

Our Company Secretary Consultancy will draft a formal legal opinion regarding the substance or procedure of the law in relation to a particular factual situation, which involves analyzing the set of facts and advising a person/organization to take a specific course of action based on the applicable law.

Statutory Services​

Our Company Secretary Consultancy will ensure that legislation and regulations are followed by dealing with the CIPC on a regular basis and the Companies Tribunal, TRP and FRCS on an as-needed basis. Namely by periodic updating of the Company’s records held by CIPC, such as Incorporation of New Companies, Registration of documents, Dissolution of Companies, Enforcement, filing annual returns, maintaining company records in terms of the Companies Act, maintaining a securities register, accounting records, annual financial statements, drafting minutes, integrated reports, annual reports, interim reports. Knowledge and advice of the JSE Listing requirements, prepare summary of listings and board updates.

Exceptional, Outsourced Company Secretarial and Corporate Governance services you can rely on.


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