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Governance services​

The way your company is governed by its executive management and board is an important balancing act between the interests of various stakeholders, which include management, shareholders, customers, suppliers, financiers, the community in which you operate, and the government.

Our Consultancy will provide compliance with all business-applicable aspects of international best practices, as incorporated in the King IV Report on Corporate Governance as well as ensuring compliance with best practices and implementation of the recommendations of the Code of Corporate Practices and Conduct.

What we offer:

  • Development and implementation of company policies, including but not limited to: Employment Equity, Harassment and Whistle Blowing
  • Advising boards of the Companies Act, 2008
  • Advising on King IV
  • JSE reporting & requirements
  • Corporate Governance Advice
  • King IV Compliance
  • Companies Act
  • JSE Listings Requirements
  • Board and Committee mandates and Charters
  • Board, committee and individual director evaluations
  • Independence Assessments
  • The A – Z of board and committee meetings
  • AGM and GMs under the Companies Act, 2008
  • Minute Writing
  • Director Induction & Training
  • Training on good governance practice
  • Ensuring the optimal structure of your company secretarial department
  • Training one-on-one in the secretarial environment and E-Sec software training
  • Mentoring and coaching of company secretaries
  • Stand-in Company Secretary on temporary contract basis – we attend full time in-house
  • Training one-on-one in the secretarial environment and E-Sec software training
  • Conducting a governance ‘completeness review’ and ‘gap analysis’
  • Assessing and benchmarking your governance practices against best practice
  • Assist companies in ensuring adequate disclosures are made in terms of their reporting requirements in accordance with King IV
  • Building a sound governance framework which includes the development of Terms of References for Boards and Committees

Exceptional, independent Company with Secretarial and Governance services you can rely on.


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