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Statutory Services

Our Company Secretary Consultancy will ensure that legislation and regulations are followed by dealing with the CIPC on a regular basis and the Companies Tribunal, TRP and FRCS on an as-needed basis. Namely by periodic updating of the Company’s records held by CIPC, such as Incorporation of New Companies, Registration of documents, Dissolution of Companies, Enforcement, filing annual returns, maintaining company records in terms of the Companies Act, maintaining a securities register, accounting records, annual financial statements, drafting minutes, integrated reports, annual reports, interim reports. Knowledge and advice of the JSE Listing requirements, prepare summary of listings and board updates.

What we offer:

  • Registration of a new company
  • Name reservation with CIPC only
  • Acting as company secretary
  • Liaison with shareholders and directors
  • Statutory audit
  • Lodging of financial statements and CoR30.2’s with CIPC
  • Change of registered address of company
  • Notifying Registrar of Companies (E-Lodgment of CoR21)
  • Appointment and resignation of director
  • Appointment and resignation of public officer
  • Board meetings, AGM, general meetings, committee meetings
  • Drafting of Agenda
  • Attendance at meeting
  • Preparation and circulation of minutes, including incorporation of any amendments
  • Correspondence relating to meeting
  • Document recovery from CIPC
  • Transfer of shares
  • Resolution
  • Updating the Register of members
  • Updating the Register of allotments
  • Arranging for the issue of shares and share certificates (excluding securities transfer tax)
  • Allotment of shares
  • Change of company auditors
  • Change of address of a director
  • Restoration of companies in final deregistration
  • Change of Company name
  • Special resolution
  • Deregistration of company
  • Tax clearance certificate

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